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About The Shop

The team at The Oregonian is honored to call this our home. For 170 years, we’ve been constantly inspired by its beauty, its creative spirit and its civic pride. 

We wanted a way to celebrate those things that make our state and its people uniquely Oregonian. So we’re sharing a collection of our favorite products designed by local artists and artisans for those who, like us, love this place.


Brands We Carry

Crafty Wonderland

Bishop Lennon

Portland Bee Balm 

April Black

A Tea Leaf Collection

The Beebe Company




Artists We Are Working With

Johnny Bertram is an independent designer & illustrator based in Portland, OR. Johnny has done work for many PNW clients, including Oregon Wild, The Freshwater Trust and Territory Run Co. and many more. His work is a mixture of of crafted text and earthy iconography, always in tune with the clients’ locales.


Ethan Fender is one of the founding partners of Courier Design and works with strong visual iconography in his work. Based in Columbus, OH, Ethan has worked for brands both locally and internationally. While he has worked on everything from logos to shirts to beer labels, Ethan’s nature-themed icon work is both minimal and striking.


Joshua Minnich is a Portland artist specializing in branding, design and illustration. Joshua’s work ranges from custom typographic solutions to finely detailed illustrations. In addition to having a varied and expansive portfolio, Joshua has also amassed an impressive collection of vintage labels, signs and packaging to draw inspiration from.


Jeret Chiri is an artist who moved to Seattle from Iowa to pursue a career in design & illustration. He has worked with brands across the United States and employs both digital and traditional media in his designs. His clients range from athletics brands, clothing and apparel, with some personal PNW-themed designs mixed in for fun. (edited)